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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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hours and plus the labor day holiday weekend is in full swing from the city to the shore. "action news" is next. introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> it was a heroing 24 hours for sit orcitizen and her
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family after she drove from radnor to maryland to try to get home all the while no one knew where she was. i'm walter perez sarah is off and the big tore story on "action news" is happy end are for terrifying day for a family fromel dell county. it started last night when 80-year-old margolis set out for her home. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in upper darby with the full story, jeff. water this say story so many families can relate to. the concerns over their aging parents driving on these roads. and but what makes this story so unique is quick police work and this technology that helped bring a family together. >> reunited with family lillian margolis leaves upper darby police department lost for 1 hours and found safe and sound. >> we're lucky to find my mom sglont margolis's frightening ordeal begun when she left her
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son's house. but police say she went south through dark and unfamiliar roads and just before midnight she stopped for directions 72 miles away at hartford sheriff country officeness bell air maryland. when family reported her missing in the morning radnor township police used technology to track her whereabouts and she did not answer her cellphone but it was on and sending signals to the nearest towers giving police critical clues. at 9:37 new garden chester county more than an hour later in kennett square and at noon the cellphone hit a tower old harple road springfield, delaware county and 42 minutes later in upper darby and she continued. >> through city of philadelphia up through montgomery county and back through philadelphia and delaware county where she was located. >> just after 5 another ping near upper darby and police there were told to look for her and within an hour, she was spotted at state road and lansdowne avenue. her nissan maxima had a flat tire. >> how critical was the cellphone.
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>> without a cellphone we would have had no idea where she was. >> her son expressing gratitud gratitude. >> police especially radnor police were great and all the other agencies. >> technology helping police deliver a happy ending. >> and her son telling us that his mother doing just fine although a little tired. she was up all night driving trying to find her way home. we're live in upper darby. jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news." >> thank goodness for a happy ending, thank you, jeff. >> moving on made in america festival is wrapping up on the ben franklin parkway. tens of thousands of people came to watch five stages of performers. we caught up with concert goers hat came from new orleans to find the weekend. >> i'm a big fan of the weekend and i've been a big fan of him since 2011 i wanted to see him. >> made in america festival or nitioned by jay-z is four year
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tradition and his wife, beyonce you may have heard of her head lined the show last night. >> and of course among the popular places to be tonight is the jersey shore. hundreds of thousands of people are kicking backen joying the unofficial end of summer. "action news" reporter trish hartman is among them. she joins us now live in ocean city with much more, hi, trish. >> hi, walter, the boardwalk is packed obviously and i have some friends who is having a great night tonight [ cheers ] it's crazy busy down here folks enjoying last treats and pizza and ice cream and we have a family from mapleshade, new jersey, the cup was full of ice cream a minute ago what happened it. >> did you eat the ice cream. >> yeah. >> we ate it all. >> big and small as the end of summer is looming a new school year looming they are not ready to say good-bye to summer yet. >> even on the perfect beach day with calm waves and bright
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sunshine there comes a point you have to pack it in. >> i don't want to hit the beach the water is too cold. >> in ocean city when you reach that point it's clear what happens next. >> boardwalk, funnel cake. >> we found samuel in ice cream heaven thanks to impromptu day trip. >> we've within hoor a couple hours taking in the rides. we have food and now ice cream. he loves it. >> there's the tuckerred out baby that didn't want to comment and of course, there's this thrill seeker. we found 14-year-old abby haag at play land castaway cove near ride called tropical storm. >> is it scary? >> got for me. i don't know about other peopl people. i like rides that spin and rides that are big. >> aftercare full consideration i decided to ride ride as long as abby wept with me. >> what do you love about that ride. >> i like how you get pushed back and how it spins. >> i need a minute. >> my crew and i somehow got talked into riding the double
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shot, too, dare devils like abby say you this is the perfect way to relieve stress. she's been back to school for two weeks. >> i like the beach and rides the most. >> for many students school starts this week. prep pizza and dairy bar relies heavily on high school students to handle big holiday crowds. megan keenan is one of them. >> we all go to ocean city high school and graduated from ocean city and i've grown up with half the people in here and i love being with them and we have great food and stuff it's awesome. >> now it's not all fun and games there's a lot of students down here working hard this labor day weekend. megan says she's actually working monday night and then back to school first thing tuesday morning. we're live tonight in ocean city. trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." walter. >> looks like fun, thank you, trish. american while mother nature is cooperating with labor day plans with one more day left in the long holiday weekend we're expecting accuweather try fek taxt meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with
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first check of the accuweather forecast, melissa. >> the pressure is on now. beautiful start to the holiday weekend. yesterday nice, today maxing out with highs newspaperer 80s with low humidity currently outside 74 in philadelphia. up in the poconos comfortable and cool 5 degrees. along the coast in cape may 74. and 70 at this hour in doverch the dew point it's level of moisture in the atmosphere and no issues with humidity today. and tomorrow, when you look at the dew point scale we're still in upper 50s. nice and pleasant. changes are coming as we go into tuesday and beyondp with noticeable increase in uptic and humidity and with that comes a spike in numbers. so we'll talk about the holiday weekend so far and what we are anticipating and yesterday's high 88 degrees. today, also 88. but, tomorrow, for labor day the actual holiday we're forecasting a high of 90 degrees. that heat once again on across portions of delaware and lehigh valley. and what to expect. dry labor day tomorrow 90s
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making a come back and also another one of possible heat wave if so number 6. we'll take a closer look in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you mel is axe the latest from accuweather on labor day, tomorrow, check in with the "action news" morning team first thing tomorrow david, tim matt, karen and it's estimated 30.4 million drivers nationwide will hit the road tomorrow the most in 7 years. the best time to drive home will be in the morning, of course. if you think about putting it off until tuesday that might not be a good idea. you could run into double dose of traffic including other extended stay vacationers and workday commuters. >> and other news tonight the tip on twitter helped septa police respond to trul on one train after 8:00 tonight someone tweeted they saw someone doing drugs on a train.
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septa police chief thomas necessaryle responded and asked for details and within 8 minutes officers took a man into custody. they sent us this picture of the moment they caught one pus suspect and have not confirmed if he was actually doing drugs. they say it's another example how people can make a difference by speaking up when they see something. >> and there was a vigil tonight for the man killed outside of a concert on south street this past friday night. action cam on the scene here on dire street in frankford where people paid tribute to john green. he was killed outside the tla just after 8 p.m. on friday night. there was i owe concert going on at the time and the shooter remains on the loose. investigators say there were a lot of people on south street when the shooting took place and they're hoping someone with any information will come forward and give them a call. >> and a deadly motorcycle crash is under investigation in winslot township, new jersey. the crash occurred 2:30 this afternoon at vernon court near sicklerville road and authorities say the motorcycle collided with jeep grand cherokee and motorcyclist
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identified as 55-year-old welden battle of sicklerville was pinned under the jeep and pronounced dead at the scene. driver of the jeep was not injured and the cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> a woman was seriously injured when she was struck by a police vehicle in the city could be creek section this morning it happened 10 a.m. on the 5600 block of spruce street she was rushed to pen presbyterian hospital where she remains in critical condition. no word on her identity or who was at fault. >> a police officer in philadelphia is recovering after being assaulted this morning in north philadelphia. it happened about 10 a.m. at north and somerset streets. the officer whose name has not been released yet was taken to temple hospital. we're told his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. >> and we vup date tonight on a story we told you about last night. kody the police k 9 injured while investigating a possible burglary in reading friday night is on the mend. kody was flown to penn vet
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after falling 20 feet from catwalk and if all goes expected over the next day she had you be well on way to full recovery. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight tens of thousands of refugees stream into europe while some countries are opening their doors and another are building a fence and local church gets early start on spirit of the pope and papal visits. >> and eagles sign another quarterback and jeff skversky will tell us who he is in sports. will tell us who he is in sports. jeff skversky comes right back
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>> nation of hungary have he decided to let refugees use trains. government has been using visa checkpoints as i way of prep entering people moving towards austria and public transportation and that led to huge buildup of people at train stations and that in turn resulted in hundreds of people system my trying to walk acrouse that country and many
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people are from siria trying to escape a bloody civil war. >> and some european nations on their doors to those refugees and nation of israel decided to build a fence to keep them out. crews began building that fence on country border with jordan. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country is too small to take them n many refugees are from syria that borders northern israel. >> pope francis is calling on catholics throughout europe to shelter refugees. he told the crowd the vatican two parishes are taking in two families and every catholic parish, con vents, monetary and tank tu arie in europe should do the same. he called on church around the world to do whatever they can to help. meanwhile people in our area continue to countdown to pope visit light they are month. khurp of christian compassion held annual block party today
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while this event has become a four year tradition organizers say this year is special as they prepare for world meeting of families. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more. >> this southwest philadelphia block party had frevring cotton candy to petting zoo bouncy house and even a dunk tank most of all there was laughter and smiles. >> i was lied sliding and laughing. >> the man responsible pastor lonnie herdone he calls this a kick start ahead of world meeting of family. >> we're excited about world meeting of families and i know it begins in a few weeks but we wanted to begin today. >> and christian compassion is bap tut and they welcome all denominations and they don't believe the pope visit is necessarily about what faith you are but about family. >> what we have in common we all love god and want to carry out principles of loving man kind and being better citizens
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and being great christians. >> it's a hard time. people. >> there are 3,000 members of southwest philadelphia church and many like terri lyndonald plan to take part in the world meeting of families. their third annual block party is for both church family and neighborhood their church calls home. just like bill and grace pilgrim and all faith in several weeks they're embracing community they worship in even if they practice another faith. >> putting real emphasis on family talking about family, togetherness, love, communication, and trying to strengthen the family in mist of everything trying to fracture. >> in southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> passion pass
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summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades! take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast and it's been loverly. tomorrow will be a good day of
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weather. >> really across the delaware and levies, yesterday nice, comfortable today. hotter tomorrow and no complaints for labor day weekend. we'll show what you is going onment stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it's dr dry. it's been quiet thanks to dominating ridge of high pressure. no precipitation to track. we'll show you fixture outside. the action cam was outside earlier tonight looking up there in fairmont at the eastern state penitentiary and mostly clear skies and comfortable conditions and as i was saying the humidity staying on the low side. that looks to be the case once again on monday. and highs today across the delaware and lehigh valley in philadelphia, 88 degrees. well above average normal for us this time of year is 8 1. allentown and lehigh valley, 8 88. 85 wilmington at the boardwalk and. c 83. lower 80s today in dover. and neighborhood numbers north and west of town, 67 shaiting ton and 70 fleetwood and 69 for st. david's chest airport certificateer city at this hour 69 warrington. down across new jersey 65 toms
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river and cool as well hammonton and 65 and sea isle city holes on to 70s at 74. here's satellite 6 and action radar high pressure has been dominating much of our region so it's dray and quiet from new england all the way down across the mid-atlantic region and ridge of high pressure suppresses moisture and cloud cover with disturbance across the north carolinas and virginia and into the day tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing you it's all about the numbers. early tomorrow morning we'll start the someday off. temperatures in the upper 60s and once we get to average hours approaching if 90 in philadelphia. keeping a close eye on tropical storm grace. winds sustained at 50 mimes an hour. it's about 500 smiles southwest of cape verde islands here. this continues a job of 15 miles an hour over the next 24 to 48 hours. later this week be into next week close erin closer to lee
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ward high lands. we'll keep you posted to what happens with troll call storm grace. it's a good looking afternoon. mostly sunny and warm, high of 80. up north of city and poconos, tomorrow, sunshine and clouds sharing sky and it's pleasant for labor day break out the outdoor barbeque grills high temperature 8. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. sunny an hotter tomorrow in at 90. on tuesday, you notice the increase in humidity up to 93. and humid, midweek with afternoon shower or thunderstorm on the way. 93. more than likely marnging heat we've number 6 by wednesday. and a cold front moves on through and showers and storms moving in by thursday and in at 89 and looks like this front one is to stall out friday. high 85. cooler next saturday with sun and in at 83. mostly cloudy on sunday with thunderstorm possible and high of up to 80. walter we're looking good tomorrow. high 2e78 tour 90. humidity stays low.
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>> not bad. >> not at all. >> thank you, melissa. >> these young men are looking sharp on the first day of school. this is is event called barber who's care. more than 0 local barbers showed up at ymca right there in west philadelphia and this event offered free hair cuts to hundreds of youngsters over the past few years and the event is in partnership with an organization called days of fashion. >> and much more to come on "action news" and jeff skversky has sports. a day after releasing tim tebow the eagles pickp a 3rd quarter back and chances are you never heard of him. that and owe more when "action heard of him. that and owe more when "action news" comes right
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11:28 pm
jacksonville jaguars playoff squad. and numbers are by no means betser than tebow. morris plays college ball at university of miami and 53 man rolingter is set for now and eagles have ten players in the practice quad. he led the team in rushing and he makes it. rashid bailey doesn't make the cut. chip tell le is look for better players. >> they're looking for you can improve. i can say we're set her. if a player becomes available you say who is in that position you can look to improve. >> and we're just 8 days away from eagles "monday night football" in atlanta. teaming up with phl17 to bring you game coverage kicks off 6:30 pregame show and then the game at 7:00 on phl17. eagles will face tom brady and pate fleets foxboro come
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december and nrev or not, brady will face the pittsburgh steel wherz nfl season kicks off in four days. brady breaks silence today for the first time since federal judge overturns nfl four came suspension last week for alleged involvement in deplate gate. brady says he has a great amount of respokt for commissioner and can't wait to play thursday. >> for last 20 years i've been playing foot fwhal team time of here and i would be excited to run out thursday night. and long 7 months for everybody. >> and i think in and out goal is to focus whoon my job is and what i need to go out there and do to help our team win. >> phillies rebuilding project is yet to knock the stocks off anyone and after the way the phils played this weekend against the socks we may be headed to first 100 loss snn 54 years phils can't catch a break special any boston.
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fan can make a catch, wow, another red sox fan catches this souvenir too. david ortiz takes jarrett ikoff deep. three homers show shy of 500. ikoff allows six runs in four innings phils swept. they lost 10-13 and have worse record under baseball. >> temple fans no it was not a dream it's realty. in the loo looker room the owl who's have not called it an upset have believed in themselves all along this is the biggest win at temple in the third year and desperately trying to win the fans and build the winning program this w certainly goes a long way. >> i'm looking on recruiting phone and saying look what is happening here and look what our players are doing come do what they're doing you know and this will help in recruiting and will help with everything


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